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Why you should use a skilled and qualified migration agent for a 457 visa application

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Skilled Visa Worker

Migrating to Australia is a life changing event, but gone are the days of the 10 pound ticket. If you are considering a work visa there are lengthy forms, restrictions and all sorts of tests and hurdles. Here are some of the reasons why you should use an Australian migration agent to complete your 457 visa application.

Meeting the criteria

Whilst Australia welcomes skilled migration to meet its growing demands, there are a number of criteria you need to meet in order to be a successful applicant. An Australian migration agent can help determine whether you meet the conditions and will provide an honest opinion of your chances of success with a work visa application.

Get it done right the first time

The application process for a work visa is very particular. A qualified Australian migration agent is well practised in submitting the 457 visa application. The skilled migration agent checks and certifies all documents and submits them on your behalf.

They know their stuff

There are legislative changes being made all the time when it comes to migration law. Your occupation may be on the list one day then gone the next. An Australian migration agent knows all the ins and outs and keeps up to date with any changes giving your application the best chance at approval.

Mistakes can be costly

An Australian migration agent takes the guess work out of the application process as they are clued up on skilled migration. If you choose not to use a migration agent and make a mistake with your application this can become expensive as you will have to pay the application fee again if you re-apply. This is not only costly but you also risk the opportunity of being granted a work visa as your occupation may not be on the list when you come to reapply. If your visa is employer sponsored they may be hesitant to go through the process again.

Saves time

Time is money and the cost of an Australian migration agent may outweigh the time you spend researching and submitting your 457 visa application. If you take too long you may miss out on your opportunity of being granted a work visa as skilled migration criteria changes all the time.

Australian migration agents are trained to be clued up in migration law and submit applications they feel will be successful. To ensure your best chance at a successful 457 visa application it is essential you use an Australian migration agent.